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The Gundersen Era — 1938 until 1952

Of the many forms and colors Gundersen created, Peachblow is especially famous. Gundersen-Pairpont succeeded both the Pairpont Corporation (1900-1938) and the Gundersen Glass Works (1939-1952). 

Extremely rare Gundersen 
Peach Blow Camellia swan
with deep color. Original label
on underside:

“Fine Crystal Hand Made by Gundersen” 

SIZE: 5-1/2″ to top of swan’s head.

To learn more about the history of Gundersen-Pairpoint follow this link:  

In 1965, a fire destroyed the Pairpoint building
in New Bedford. The Pairpoint Mill fire was one
of the toughest mill fires New Bedford Firefighters battled in the city's history. This General Alarm conflagration required mutual aid from surrounding towns. It started on October 1st, 1965. The flames where so intense that it blew horizontally out the brick factory windows like a blow torch. (Footage by WTEV-6 News.) From the M.L.Baron historic archives. 

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